Abstract figure of a soccer ball.

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Abstract figure of a soccer ball.
Rosalba Chiriví was the creator of the logo of the Colombian team officially used for the first time in 1971 for a pre-Olympic to be played in Colombia, the design at that time showed the vector of a monochrome soccer ball with a crescent in the colors of the flag and the corporate name of the federation at the top. Since then, the soccer ball represented in the logo has accompanied the team, with more modern changes. The shield of the Colombian Football Federation is the official emblem of the Colombia National Team at the international level.

It was commissioned by Alfonso Senior Quevedo president of the Colombian federation at that time so that she would make the corporate image of the entity, which was preparing for the South American Pre-Olympic Tournament U-23, Rosalba Chiriví de Gálvez made 6 different logos for the Colombian Federation of Soccer. The finally chosen design was inspired by a soccer ball, which is embedded inside a circle. The ball has white stripes which have the subdivisions that all the ball of this sport has. At the edge of the lower half, the circumference shows three bars with the colors of the Colombian flag, one yellow, the other blue, and the other red that preserves the proportions of the colors of the flag: the yellow color is filled in 50%, the blue color in 25% and the red has the other 25%. Meanwhile, the legend of the association's official name is inscribed on the edge of the upper half of the circle forming an arc in black with the Impact font, like this: 'Colombian Football Federation'. In turn, the outer finish of the circle is gold or blue.

Now, if at any time a change will be proposed, Rosalba Chiriví de Gélvez will be consulted, since the image rights rest with her.

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